local weather feeds

The Weather Underground has many associated personal stations that provide streaming weather data.  These report temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, conditions, wind direction, and wind speed.  In some areas there are enough stations to reveal local microclimates. You can create your own array of weather stations by adding to Weather Underground’s network.

weather underground rss files

Weather stations coordinates are mapped to XYZ space with a gHowl component.  The yellow cones are proportional to the wind speed reported at each station.

albemarle wind from lp on Vimeo

Wind speeds were recorded for several  Albemarle County stations on July 28, 2012 between noon and 1:00 PM.  Readings were taken about twice per minute from the weather underground RSS feed using the gHowl plug-in for GrassHopper.  Wind speeds ranged from 0 to 7 mph during this interval.  Note that these summer breezes could not be described as having a prevailing direction!