delta architecture

A delta robot is a three-legged device, capable of precise control, and well suited to the fast execution of light-duty tasks.  It has potential for controlling shade structures as well as apertures in surfaces.

Delta Robot Facade from lp on Vimeo.

The delta modules track the sun between 30 and 45 degrees from surface normals. Then they slowly return to their home position.

Here is an individual module:

delta robot from lp on Vimeo.

delta robot definition

The definition below mathematically computes the position of a robotic arm that is restricted within a two-dimensional plane of movement.
It uses basic trigonometric equations instead of parametric relationships between geometric forms.
For an set of delta bot definitions for grasshopper, see Brian Harms’ delta bot challenge on the grasshopper forum. For an  explanation of inverse kinematics, see this site:  learn about robots

robotic arm via inverse kinematics definition

Delta from lp on Vimeo.

delta robot controlled by a wii nunchuck