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The Grasshopper plug-in for Rhino has an amazing capability to link many disperse territories of design practice. This weblog is a collection of tutorials and annotated grasshopper definitions that explain the particular tools that are useful for linking grasshopper to data. These connections are often easy to accomplish.  It is only necessary to gain an awareness of a few simple tricks and tools.

Here you will find grasshopper definitions and tutorials for three data territories: importing tabular data from internet sources, connecting to live internet data feeds, and bringing data from simulations into grasshopper. Some key techniques are:

how to find latitude and longitude for a list of addresses through BatchGeo and Google Earth

how to create x,y,z points in grasshopper from Geo coordinates

how to connect grasshopper to data from Open Office or Excel spreadsheets

how to link to live data feeds from a range of URLs

how to bring OpenStreetMap geometry into grasshopper

how to connect results from various energy simulation packages to grasshopper

and more…

If you use this work, please give us credit.

dripps+phinney studio

Lucia Phinney and Robin Dripps, principals

Ryan Lewandowski, Kurt Marsh, Sarah Cancienne

University of Virginia School of Architecture

See also our sister sites.  explode BReps is a collection of grasshopper definitions that explore the territory between landscape and architecture in terms of analysis, data, fields, and geometries.  soft surface operations is a seminar site that investigates the mechanics of responsive surfaces with the firefly plug-in for grasshopper.  Here you will find definitions for mechanisms such as gears, cranks, and linkages as well as troubleshooting guides for connecting sensors and actuators to the arduino microcontroller.


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