a bicycle-mounted roving detective kit for urban investigation

designer:  Ryan Lewandowski

Fastened to a bike via a shock mount,  Sherloc is a battery operated urban sensor device that records the temperature, humidity, light, and airborne particulate matter that is then geolocated with the onboard GPS device. This information is stored as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file that can be easily mapped within Grasshopper to create parametrically driven data landscapes or surfaces for a city or site.

The device  will take readings once every 2-4 seconds. Once your trip has been completed, just press the power switch to end the recording. To retrieve the recording, unscrew the top of the box and remove the MicroSD card from the shield on the Arduino. Plug it into your computer and you have a formatted CSV file that can be opened in Excel or read directly through Grasshopper!

Sherloc also has o-ring mounts for an iPhone.  This is specifically for apps that record decibel levels and topography, but app-space contains many as-yet-unexplored regions…

iPhone attachment

inside the box


Walk Log

Sherloc is a bicycle-mounted roving detective kit for urban investigation.  Taking transects through a city, it records GPS coordinates, light, humidity, sound levels, and airborne particulate concentrations.  This data is brought into Grasshopper through gHowl or LunchBox components where it  provides a means to visualize these wild urban energies as a medium for constructing weather. This building scale data is a key addition to the context provided by the NOAA and Weather Underground.

Here is Sherloc’s maiden voyage through some not-so-urban lawns and pastures near Batesville, Virginia.

The white framed extrusions show light level readings.  The black extrusion captures an instant of the frame-by-frame reading of the data.

sherloc’s path definition

sherloc files